Tailor-made software for Business



Specialist software for the travel industry
Developed in Africa, for African users

At GranIT Solutions, we develop software for all applications; single-user or multi-user, single site or multi-site. Our software not only allows our clients to operate exclusively in real time but it is also unique in that it offers proven capability in the management and processing of millions of records – with total reliability.

Our Safari Software is:

  • Windows compatible
  • User-friendly and easily assimilated
  • Flexible: allowing for a broad range of user set ups.
  • Adaptable – no need to change your procedure to suit the software.
  • Specifically tailored to the needs of our clients
  • Robust and durable
  • Economically sound
  • Data-secure
  • Data-integrity guaranteed
  • Multi-tasking: reports to printers or HTML, RTF or PDF files.

The GranIT Safari Software Package is:

Tailor-made for the African travel industry
Draws on 20 year’s experience in the IT-related travel sector
Is constantly being developed to adapt to a dynamic marketplace
Manages more tasks, more efficiently than any other software system

Invest in the GranIT Safari Software Package and you’ll find

• Your Staff can concentrate on selling
• Your management has immediate access to up-to-the-minute information
• Your operations department can see their daily, weekly and monthly schedules at a glance
• The Company’s FOREX calculations are done and recorded for you
• Your vouchers are automatically generated
• Your itineraries are generated automatically according to your request which can be overwritten and customized
• Your clients receive tailored information packs
• The status of bookings are updated on the system to keep up with any pending bookings
• Your planned itineraries become operational and stored in the system for future changes
• Manual cross-referencing is a thing of the past
• You can’t forget to ‘cancel’ a booking or follow – through on a ‘wait list’
• You can’t be billed for what you have not booked


We offer staff training, rapid-response trouble-shooting and long-term support – 2nd to none.

The GranIT Safari Software Package – at a glance

Windows based with ultra-simple, user-friendly interface.
multi-user: multi-site
Multiple option security access
Stratified or department delineated user-access
Immediate translation of ‘quotations’ to operations
Immediate generation of payment vouchers from reservation vouchers
Multi-discipline data recall
Immediate status recall; wait list, request, confirmation
Fail-safe features; no more ‘forgotten’ cancellations, ‘lost’ quotes
Instant operations reports
Instant FOREX translation; flexible exchange rate input
Versatile export of information: to email, printers, HTML, RTF or PDF
Unlimited data fields: unlimited access to client information
Vouchers printed by batch or individually
Unlimited access to supplier information: sole operators/chains; with separate address for bookings or accounts; with/without contact names etc.
3-day training client-tailored training session for your staff
3-month ‘on call’ rapid-response team available for telephone consultation or immediate trouble-shooting visits.
Maintenance contract guaranteed to iron-out problems before they arise


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GranIT Safari Software is a Tour Managment Software for Tours Operators
Confusion is a thing of the past
GranIT Safari Software is a Tour Managment Software for Tours Operators
No more confrontational clients
GranIT Safari Software is a Tour Managment Software for Tours Operators
Your bookings needn't run away with you
GranIT Safari Software is a Tour Managment Software for Tours Operators
Great itinerary - I'll take it
GranIT Safari Software is a Tour Managment Software for Tours Operators
Are drinks included?

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